Using the binary version of sharpcms.

The binary version is all you need to begin building your own website. We recommend you open it with Visual Studio Web Developer Express. Since all the data rely on XML there is no need to setup any databases. Open the website in Visual Studio and click run. That should do the trick.


You will find the current downloads at this URL:

Tip: Start with browsing around in the costum folder. That's where the frontend lies in the form of xsl and css documents.

Using the full source.

This is only necessary if you want to play around with core of the system or get a better understanding of how the system works. If you intend to write your own plug-ins this is also the place to start. We would like to provide some more tutorials later on.

You will find the current Sources at this URL:

Important: The binary version has repository handling in the System folder which is the only folder that you need to update. The frontend and your data are in the Custom folder.