News about sharpcms


16/9/2008 - News about sharpcms

On Saturday, September 13, 2008, we have decided to publish a beta 4 Version of sharpcms. We published another beta version, because we have only merged the changes by Juergen Gutsch and the changes by the old sharpcms project team.

The future of then sharpcms:

Our main task is to publish a complete documentation of sharpcms. We decided to publish the complete documentation as a Wiki page with the ASP.NET based ScrewTurn Wiki ( The Wiki page is published on Everybody may feel free to register and to work on the sharpcms documentation.

The second task is to develop and to implement a "user rights management" to allow the access to the pages for only a special user group or to manage the rights to edit any pages in the backend.

The third task is to finish developing of some plug-ins (called “provider” in sharpcms):
A search provider to search through the web site contents.
A cookie provider to use cookies in then XSL templates.
And a email spam protection to protect email addresses against email crawler.

If all this tasks are finished and if all critical bugs are resolved we will publish the first final version. Currently, we don’t know when we have finished all the tasks.

All news:

We have published a new version of sharpcms:

The Wiki system for the documentation is published with ScrewTurn Wiki (

The first questions are published on Codeplex:

The first bugs and feature requests are published:


8/26/2008 - Important news about sharpcms

Dear sharpcms user,

There are some great news about sharpcms and the sharpcms project.

The leadership of the project has been assumed by Thomas Huber ( from Switzerland and Jürgen Gutsch ( from Germany.
Now, the official address of sharpcms website is

From  now, the sources of sharpcms are hosted on the Microsoft's open source project hosting web site called Codeplex (
The project URL on Codeplex is
Codeplex inherits a discussion board. ( All further discussions should be started at this discussion board. The German group  at Google  will be closed in the next months. The English Google group is still open, but only as an archive.
Codeplex also inherits an issue tracking ( Please report all bugs and features at this URL.

New releases of sharpcms will be found here:
You can download all sources at this URL:

Sharpcms will still be published under GPL v2: