This are the main features of sharpcms:

  1. Separation between the core system and the specific Web site
  2. User and group management
  3. Image and document management, image editor
  4. No layout constraints (individual design with XSL templates)
  5. Multiple template are possible (XSL templates)
  6. Plain text URLs (no IDs and numbers)
  7. No database necessary (all data are stored in XML files)

The ouput of sharpcms is absolutly free, so you can implement the following features:

  1. Search engine optimized code
  2. Accessible output is possible
  3. XHTML 1.0

You can define and design your own content container, so you can implement the following features to your web site:

  1. Text (with a WYSIWYG Editor)
  2. Image galleries  (individual designed with XSL templates)
  3. NEW Full text search
  4. dynamic email forms
  5. FAQ
  6. Guest books
  7. page comments
  8. Show RSS news feeds
  9. (you can create many more content templates)