Open source content management: sharpcms



16/9/2008 - News about sharpcms

8/26/2008 - Important news about sharpcms


Open Source Content Management System 

This website hosts the open sourcecontent management "sharpcms". It is a CMS developed with the intent to accommodate the following goals:

  • Highly flexible content management.
  • Separation between normal usage and development.
  • Easy for developers to install and use it.
  • Truly free layout
  • Intended for small and medium sized companies
  • Based on .Net, XML, XLS, C#

So far the system is in beta which in our terms means "It is usable/stable but still bleeding edge". The whole system lies in a subversion repository and we really recommend you use it.

We are still working on the documentation. So please join our discussion on codeplex and get all the latest news and support on the system.